Where my Moroccan journey began

Royal Air Moroc

Royal Air Maroc
Seat 27A which seemed like a great number since 27 is the route to the Hampton’s. The semi-toxic smell of body odor permeates the plane only to be slightly fainted by the screams of a couple fussy children. It’s as cold as a freezer in here but thankfully I’m always prepared minus forgetting to take out my socks from my luggage that is now in the overhead compartment. Immediately after my feet turned blue I am greeted with a little pouch filled with cool grey socks and an eye mask (cool grey meaning the color not that they were fashionable in any way). What will be a 15 day trip traveling the cities of Morocco with 3 days in Lisbon Portugal I was miraculously able to pack light. A carry on suitcase & duffle bag packed with sexy comfortable dresses, ethnic tunic tops, wraps, one perfect bathing suit & my favorite peach Gucci lace up bamboo wedges, a few sandals, & sneaks. My lightly packed wardrobe had a color theme that consisted of emerald-green, turquoise, grays, and the always classic black.
The au de toilette spray in the wash closet is some sort of Moroccan oil with a lemon scent. It’s not my favorite rose scent but I like it. As passengers come out of the WC the airplane progressively begins to smell better and this is the beginning of one of the most incredible journeys of my life. tbc.


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